The reef aquarium world seems to be so oversaturated with stony coral madness, besides zoanthid polyps and ricordea, the soft coral truly don’t get their fair share of the spotlight. That is why Zia’s soft coral paradise of gorgonians and leather coral is such a treat to behold.

This simple fifty gallon tank is completely dominated by an incredible field of highly diverse octocorals which truly shine in their exuberant display of contrasting colors and shapes. This reef tank was designed and built up by Zia to be the home of a nice Erectus seahorse but we can’t see past the incredible fields of soft corals and even some macroalgae thrown into the mix.

What’s cool about this sort of diverse soft coral tank is that nearly everyone is guilty of being biased towards the stony corals, so Zia’s Reef is unlike anything we have ever seen before. Furthermore, these undemanding corals look really great under the multicolors of a Radion XR30 LED light and the maintenance required to keep this tank are easy and straightforward. If you like this sort of reef aquarium, you are strongly encouraged to check out the full breakdown over on Nano Reef.