Trachyphyllia is one of those iconic corals that has been in the hobby since forever, and therefore we all know that they are supposed to look like. Especially in regards to size, we expect a typical large specimen of Trachyphyllia to be maxing out around four inches in length, so imagine our surprise to be perusing LiveAquaria’s coral flats and come across a gaggle of the biggest Trachyphyllia we’ve ever seen.

Not, just one, not two, but four large Trachyphyllia colonies which could generously be described as show size are looking mighty nomilicious in the ice box that is Rhinelander today. Better yet, each of these show size colonies of Trachyphyllia are of a slightly different color and pattern so there’s one to match any reef decor.

And then there’s that super trick Trachy with the fine green lines on a scarlet red body; it’s not a show size Trachyphyllia but we had to share it because it’s a keeper either way. Not sure which of these colonies are in the Diver’s Den but if you’re a Trachy fan, take a look and keep an eye out because these striking corals are not to be missed.