When we are at the reef shows, and coral hunting, we usually have stony corals almost exclusively in mind. It takes a special kind of soft coral to grab our attention, and this green toadstool leather coral is exactly the kind of softie to do it.

The green toadstool leather was brought to ReefStock 2014 by ReefKoi, and both ourselves and a handful of exotic coral connoisseurs were particularly drawn to it. At $50 this eye catching coral was quite a steal and Gresham Hendee of Reef Nutrition and Reed Mariculture fame was the first reefer to pull the trigger on this interesting Sarcophyton. 

Ever since we started treating more of our soft coral with SPS style conditions, we’ve had such success and great looking Sinularia, Sarcophyton, NeptheaDampia and Lobophytum. Having seen our new found blue thumb for soft corals, Gresham agreed to let us borrow his prize green toadstool coral until he returns to the area for MACNA at the end of August.

Not only do we hope to keep and hold the coral’s incredible green coloration, obviously we hope to grow it enough to cut a sizeable frag from it in six months until our lease on this coral is up. Wish us luck!